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About Us
Anino international Plc is a publicly quoted Nigerian enterprise with interest in the manufacturing of items for personal or industrial purposes, assembling and sales of automobiles, sales of electrical and electronics, civil engineering contracting and food and beverages. The company was registered as a private limited in June 1981 and began its operations in the same year. The company was publicly listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) in August of 1989 after a successful conduct of its public offer.
Over the years anino has grown and changed with the needs of the society.
Anino’s relationship with Fieldreams Limited
In October of 2008, Fieldreams Limited was retained as core investors in Anino PLC. Fieldreams Limited is a wholly owned Nigerian company with competencies in the energy which includes power and the oil and gas sector (upstream and downstream subsectors).
Our Vision
Our vision is clear – to connect with our customers and to ensure that their best interests is considered in everything we do.
Anino in the Power Sector
Power generation within the country has for a long time remained epileptic at best and totally grounded in the worst situations. The burden of power provision within the country led the government to decentralize and unbundle the only operative publicly owned power company, the Power Holding Company (PHCN) formerly known as National Electrical Power Authority (NEPA). Generation, transmission and Distribution and sales were transferred to several other smaller units handling each of these aspects of power provision. Beyond decentralizing power provision, the government also ensured private sector participation by deregulating the sector and instilling legislation that would enable investments. The whole idea of the intervention in the power sector and the change in its structure is to reduce the burden of self generation of power to both individuals and businesses. It is estimated that expenditure on self generation within the country ranges from between N796 billion and N800 Billion annually. Our efforts and investments are concentrated in all the subsectors of power provision, which are power generation, power transmission, power distribution, and sales (or retail). Given the demand for power and the epileptic nature of its provision, Anino is strategically positioned to maximize investments that would yield returns to the stakeholder involved in the long run.
Anino in Oil and Gas Sector
The oil and gas sector of the Nigerian economy represents the most vibrant sector. Oil and gas activities have shaped the socio-economic dynamics of the country, its politics and its people since its discovery in 1956 and the beginning of its exportation in 1958. The oil and gas sector is the largest contributor to the country’s GDP and its national income. The sector further accounts for the largest portion of investment in the country’s economy, by both the public and private sectors.
Aninos interests in the upstream subsector includes:
Exploration & production, Marginal fields Development, Oil servicing logistics and Shipping.
While in the downstream sector our interests includes:
Service Stations, Storage Facility, Transportation and Distribution, Refining and Blending Plants