aninoplc 2016
ANINO INTERNATIONAL PLC is a wholly owned Nigerian company with competencies in the energy sector which includes power and the oil and gas sector (upstream and downstream subsectors). ANINO INTERNATIONAL Plc has restructured the operations of the company to undertake the following activities:

The development and operation of power plants, the sale of electricity and thermal power, and the
repair and maintenance of power equipment and power-related technical services.
To carry out the business of refining, blending, exploration, production of petroleum locally and abroad
Be involved in petroleum exploration, mining of liquid hydrocarbons through geological and geophysical efforts
To engage in the business of transporting crude or finished products though national pipelines
Engage in the importation, storage and distribution of crude oil and finished products
Engage in the exportation of crude oil to onshore and offshore refineries
Engage in the acquisition of acreages, right of way throughout Nigeria.
Carry on the business of importation, transportation and storage of drilling materials
To carry out the business of oil and gas drilling, treatment of drilling materials, oil well maintenance
Employing expatriates and liaising with the necessary immigration authorities on all issues
Engaging in partnerships with technical partners locally and internationally
Involvement in the business of dredging, piling and trenching
Embarking on community development programs for the benefit of host communities
Liaising with all regulatory authorizes
Partnering with oil and gas producing companies in the joint exploration of any proven reserve
Engaging in clean up operations in the case of oil spillage, and maintaining a clean and eco-friendly environment